About Imani TV

IMANI TV is a renowned free-to-air terrestrial channel that broadcasts throughout the Northrift and Western regions of Kenya, East Africa. With a broad coverage area spanning over 9 counties, our signal reaches more than 9 million people. As a free-to-air terrestrial channel broadcasting on StarTimes 117, we strive to bring inspirational content to our viewers. At IMANI TV, we are a collective of highly talented individuals, both in front of and behind the camera. Despite our diverse perspectives, we are united by our ambition to make a positive impact. Our primary purpose is to showcase captivating stories and testimonies that uplift and empower individuals, allowing them to strengthen their faith in Christ Jesus.


Imani TV is a dynamic Christian television channel that complements the efforts of Imani Radio in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Established as a partner ministry of Faith Radio in the U.S.A., Imani TV shares the same unwavering commitment to faith-based content and spiritual enrichment.

A Faith-Focused Endeavor: Imani TV, like its radio counterpart, is dedicated to its mission of making disciples of all nations and witnessing lives transformed by the Gospel. It serves as a visual platform to further amplify the message of salvation, healing, liberation, empowerment, and service.

Expanding the Reach: Imani TV extends its reach to a wide audience in Kenya and Eastern Uganda, just like Imani Radio, adding a visual dimension to its mission. With compelling programming and faith-centered content, the channel reaches viewers across diverse demographics, enhancing its impact in the regions it serves.

Complementary Ministry: Imani TV works in synergy with Imani Radio to provide a holistic approach to spreading the Gospel. While radio serves as a powerful audio medium, Imani TV leverages the visual aspect to engage and inspire audiences through televised sermons, worship services, and faith-based programming.

Enriching Lives Through Visual Ministry: Through its broadcasts, Imani TV offers viewers an opportunity to connect with faith, spirituality, and biblical teachings in a tangible and immersive manner. It strives to bring the message of faith and hope into homes, nurturing the faith of its viewers and encouraging them in their spiritual journey.

Aligning with the Imani Vision: Imani TV shares the same foundational principles of faith, trust in divine providence, and commitment to the Gospel as Imani Radio. Together, they work toward the common goal of sharing the Good News and making a positive impact on the lives of those they reach.

Imani TV is a vital component of the broader ministry’s efforts to spread faith and Christian values through multimedia channels. By combining the power of television with their mission-driven approach, Imani TV plays a significant role in bringing the message of faith and salvation to a diverse and ever-expanding audience.

Our Capabilities

Imani Television is dedicated to strengthening your faith in Christ Jesus. As industry leaders, we specialize in television production, delivering high-quality broadcasts that resonate with audiences. Our capabilities span outside broadcasting, Livestreaming, and content generation, enabling us to capture live events and share transformative experiences worldwide. With a focus on storytelling, our talented creatives bring messages to life, engaging viewers and deepening their relationship with Christ. Our Join us on this divine journey as we continue to produce innovative content and build your faith in Christ Jesus.

Our Programming

Daily Current affairs news (Swahili and English), Live and pre-recorded Talk-shows, music, drama, movies, Business, sports, and animations etc

Our platforms

Terrestrial SIGNET: Imani TV on Bamba TV, Startimes 117 ,GOTV; and on all free to air  channels

Imani TV Reach

Imani TV has a National coverage with 2.3 million viewers on average per month.