Pastor Thomas Dexter Jakes is known world over mainly for his charismatic approach in bible teaching. His is a vibrant style filled with worthy principles that are all geared to transforming your life for the better. As the founder and Senior Pastor of the Porter’s House Church, his ministry cuts across barriers to deliver the saving word of God to the people. Time Magazine has called him ‘America’s best preacher. His teachings will certainly provoke thought and enable many discover their real potential in Christ. He reaches, millions of people all around the world with his television show called the Porter’s Touch.



Dr. Carlton Byrd is a renowned preacher known for his impactful and inspiring sermons. With a passion for sharing the word of God, Dr. Byrd’s messages are characterized by their deep biblical insights and practical applications for everyday life. His dynamic speaking style, combined with his ability to connect with his audience, leaves a lasting impression and motivates individuals to take steps towards spiritual growth. Through his preaching, Dr. Carlton Byrd seeks to encourage, uplift, and challenge believers to live purposeful lives that honor God.



Minister Sharon Savage is a dedicated and influential teacher of the Bible at Walk by Faith Ministries, where she imparts wisdom and understanding of the scriptures. Her show, airing on Imani TV, aligns perfectly with the mission of Imani Television to build and strengthen one’s faith in Christ Jesus. Minister Sharon Savage’s teachings are characterized by her deep knowledge of the Bible and her ability to present complex concepts in a relatable and practical manner, allowing viewers to apply the teachings to their everyday lives. Through her ministry, Minister Sharon Savage aims to inspire believers to deepen their relationship with God and live out their faith with conviction and purpose.

Thursday 5:30PM-6:00PM



Pastor DeBlair Snell is a dynamic and anointed preacher who leads with passion and conviction. His show on Imani TV is in perfect alignment with the network’s vision of building faith in Christ Jesus. Pastor Snell’s teachings are characterized by his deep understanding of the scriptures and his ability to relate them to real-life situations. Through his powerful sermons, Pastor DeBlair Snell aims to inspire and motivate believers to grow in their faith and live out the principles of Christ in their daily lives. His impactful ministry on Imani TV serves as a source of spiritual guidance and encouragement for viewers seeking to strengthen their relationship with God.




Minister Prisciler Shirer’s show on Imani TV is a platform dedicated to strengthening and nourishing individuals’ faith in Christ Jesus. With a vision focused on building faith, Minister Shirer delivers insightful teachings, inspiring sermons, and heartfelt discussions, empowering viewers to deepen their spiritual connection. Through her impactful presence and unwavering commitment to sharing the gospel, Minister Shirer offers guidance and encouragement, guiding believers on their journey towards a closer relationship with God. Tune in to Minister Prisciler Shirer’s show on Imani TV to experience a transformative and faith-building experience.

FRIDAY 10:00AM &;9:00PM



Anthony Tyrone “Tony” Evans Sr. Is An American Christian Pastor, Speaker, Author, And Widely Syndicated Radio And Television Broadcaster In The United States. Tony Evans Has Served As The Senior Pastor Of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship For Over 40 Years, Witnessing Its Growth From Ten People In 1976 To Now Over 10,000 Congregants With 100 Plus Ministries. At The Tender Age of 24 (1973) Tony Evans, Was Contacted By A Radio Show Producer from Houston (KHCB). This Man Had Contacted Dallas Theological Seminary, Where Tony Was A Junior In The Th.M. Program, Asking For Great Preaching Content To Put On His Program For Free. One of Tony’s Professors Recommended Him. Thus Began The Public Broadcasting Of Dr. Tony Evans. Recorded In A Tiny Studio On The Seminary Campus, Tony Spent The Next Few Years Faithfully Preaching Into A Microphone For A Crowd Unseen In Houston.He Is Also The Author Of Over 100 Books, Including Oneness Embraced, The Kingdom Agenda, Kingdom Man, The Tony Evans Study Bible, And The Tony Evans Bible Commentary.

AIRS Thursdays at 10 am



“Better Together” is a heartwarming and faith-centered TV show that airs on Imani TV. This inspiring program perfectly aligns with Imani Television’s vision of building faith in Christ Jesus. “Better Together” showcases the power of togetherness and the importance of community in navigating life’s challenges. Each episode invites viewers on a journey of deepening their relationship with God, and discovering the joy and blessings that come from connecting with others who share the same faith. With its relatable stories, uplifting messages, and engaging discussions, “Better Together” serves as a guiding light for believers, reinforcing the transformative power of faith and the beauty of unity. Join us on Imani TV as we embark on this faith-filled journey together, where we learn that we are truly better together in Christ Jesus.

MONDAY  5:30PM-6:30PM



The TV Turning Point is an engaging and thought-provoking show that airs exclusively on Imani TV. With a primary focus on building your faith in Christ Jesus, this show serves as a turning point in the lives of its viewers. Through powerful storytelling, inspiring testimonies, and insightful discussions, the TV Turning Point encourages individuals to deepen their relationship with Christ, embrace His teachings, and live a life rooted in biblical principles. With a commitment to delivering impactful content, this show guides viewers on a transformative journey towards spiritual growth and enlightenment. Tune in to the TV Turning Point on Imani TV to experience a powerful intersection of faith, culture, and personal development.

 TUESDAY 9:00AM-9:30PM



“Living the Life” is a captivating family TV show that offers a heartwarming and informative glimpse into living a righteous life in today’s society. Aired on Imani TV, a network dedicated to building your faith in Christ Jesus, this show aims to guide viewers on how to navigate the complexities of modern life while staying true to their Christian values. Each episode is carefully crafted to provide practical lessons and inspiration, showcasing relatable characters overcoming everyday challenges through faith and love. “Living the Life” is a must-watch for families seeking guidance, encouragement, and a deeper understanding of what it means to live right as Christians in today’s world.

TUESDAY  8:30PM-9:00PM



The Joni Table Talk is a captivating talk show that airs on Imani TV, a television network with a strong vision of building faith in Christ Jesus. Hosted by the charismatic Joni, the show aims to inspire, encourage, and enlighten viewers with thought-provoking discussions and interviews centered around faith and spirituality. With a diverse range of guests from various backgrounds and experiences, The Joni Table Talk provides a platform for engaging conversations about topics such as personal testimonies, the power of prayer, navigating tough times, and embracing the love and grace of Jesus. Whether you are seeking guidance, looking to deepen your faith, or simply in need of some uplifting content, The Joni Table Talk is a must-watch show that will leave you feeling inspired and strengthened in your relationship with Christ Jesus.



700 CLUB

The 700 Club is a dynamic and renowned show that captivates audiences on Imani TV. With its compelling content and uplifting messaging, it has become a beacon of hope for viewers around the world. Hosted by an insightful and charismatic team, the show seeks to inspire and empower individuals through powerful stories of faith, resilience, and transformation. Through a seamless blend of informative interviews, thought-provoking discussions, and engaging segments, The 700 Club provides a platform where viewers can find solace, guidance, and spiritual support. It is a show that celebrates the power of God’s love and offers practical advice for navigating life’s challenges. Tune in to Imani TV and experience the transformative journey that is The 700 Club.